“Terra Cibus envisions the agricultural industry restored to an equitable position with nature while providing a net benefit to the farmer and our environmental ecosystems in a cohesive harmony.”


Regenerating soil microbiome and natural soil defenses, Terra Cibus has produced an all-natural sustainable solution from microbiology found in our soils and organic by-waste from agricultural operations.


Terra Cibus provides a sustainable solution that results in higher crop yields with lower input costs and has a notable positive impact on the environment. We bring out Nature at its Best!


We partner with farmers and farming cooperatives, enabling direct access to the Terra Cibus solution. Naturally displacing current farming practices based upon cost, performance and peace of mind.


Our team of scientists at Environmental Bioorganic Sciences Corp. envision a world with Nature’s design restored to a healthy state with people aware of their impacts and conducting themselves accordingly.


Nature’s Remedy | Made Ready